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30 Things to do to Avoid Going Crazy During the Coronavirus Slow Down

1. Tidy up the showroom

2. Clean up website

3. Watch F&I product training videos

4. Clean your desk

5. Purge your overflowing filing cabinet

6. Study unit product information

7. Familiarize yourself with new product features (NSFW)

8. Follow up on internet leads

9. Slap a custom paint job on a unit

10. Create an email marketing campaign

11. Spend time in service learning about common repairs

12. Organize your desk

13. Watch “The Goods”

14. Watch “The Boiler Room”

15. Watch “The Wolf of Wall Street”

16. Watch “Used Cars”

17. Watch “Glengarry Glen Ross”

18. Come up with new word tracks

19. Read up on the industry, RV, powersports, marine

20. Practice desking deals

21. Learn more about the finance office

22. Learn more about what your sales manager does

23. Learn more about what your GM does

24. RV demolition derby

25. Develop social distance appropriate handshakes

26. Enhance the social media pages of both yourself and the dealership

27. Engage with your customers virtually

28. Quiz yourself and coworkers on product knowledge

29. Update your LinkedIn

30. Wash your hands!

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